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Nov 1, 2022 - Nov 21, 2022

Vyayam Training Course

  • 21Days
  • 1Step
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Vyāyāma Yoga is an integral part of the ancient yoga tradition, which is unknown to most yoga schools today. Vyayam is the oldest health-energetic gymnastics that has inspired many martial arts. Vyayam is from South India. The principle, the essence of deep knowledge, is how to control our internal and external forces, all dating back thousands of years. It is a dynamic exercise that is combined with vibrating breathing to create a meditative state. We tame the energy we get through breathing. One of the most important rules is that the movement follows the breathing. Breath control helps us use the body’s energy, which is obtained through food or air, in the most efficient way. There is an intimate relationship between the body, the mind and the energy, so if any modification affects the other two. With Vyayam we learn how to control our breathing and thus the movement of our minds. Its origin is the Vedic military science known as Dhanur Vidya (archery). In Vyayam, great emphasis was placed on shakti vikasakas, exercises that develop physical, muscular strength, and the conduction of energy to all parts of the body and beyond.

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